Retro Fuzion Premium Commodore 64 Replacement Power Switch - FREE POST AU
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Commodore SX 64 Replacement Keyboard Membrane - Restore Keyboard Functionality -
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62 Games Cartridge Volume 2 for Commodore Plus-4, Menu System, Fast loading. NEW
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Commodore 128D Set - WORKING - w Original C128D Keyboard - A+ Condition
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rare working 1985 Commodore SX-64 small screen Portable vintage computer sx64
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Commodore amiga 500 with RGB to HDMI, Gotek, DF0 switch, PS/2 mouse, Jotstick
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Mega Atari 800XL Bundle - MODS, Atarimax 1MB Cartridge USB PSU - AV Cable - WOW
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applied engineering ae 3,5 disk drive suit apple iie IIGS era untested
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Commodore 128 computer - vintage C128 - console only - read full description
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15" NEC Accusync LCD51V 15khz VGA monitor suit Amiga etc
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3dfx voodoo 2 Graphics Card 8mb Creative Labs CT6670
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Amiga A590 External HDD & RAM Expansion - WORKING - 20MB HDD - 2MB RAM
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IBM Type 8560 , 286 ,  Telecom, Made in Wangaratta/Australia
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BRAND NEW BNIB Power Play Commodore 64 Bundle - w 1541 II - Controller - Games -
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Lisa Apple LisaWrite
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Commodore 1084s P / Phillips CM8833 - SCART, RGB, Composite - Stereo Sound M
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Apple Mac Pro Tower
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Commodore 64 games huge collection! Joystick cables etc!
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Amiga 1200 PiStorm32-lite accelerator for A1200 (PiStorm only)
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Vintage Apple 2E Enhanced Computer Working
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WANG Professional Computer 8086 🔥HOT PRICE🔥 Vintage 1980s - plus CRT!
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Apple iBook G3 Clamshell Blue
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Apple Macintosh LC II faulty parts no display, no chime mac only
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Retro Diamond View 1770f SVGA Color Monitor 17 Inch CRT year 2000
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Tandy 3000HD Extremely rare vintage 80286. Working and in excellent condition.
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RamWorks III Applied Engineering  Extended 80Col+RGB card untested-Apple iie 2e
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Sun Microsystems Collection
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IBM Laptop ThinkPad 390E Intel Celeron Windows NT/98 Good Cosmetically-UNTESTED
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Commodore Amiga 500 computer + 1084S Monitor + Many Games (Indiana Jones)
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IBM OS/2 Operating system Extended Edition Version 1.3 3.5 Disk
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Box of Amiga 500 Game Disks - 183 x TOTAL -
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Commodore Amiga 2000 - Good Condition - White Screen -
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Moebius Old School Computer
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Gigabyte i-RAM New In Box
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iMac G3 Indigo
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Vintage Macintosh Computers
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Macintosh LC 475-unit only restored working 20mb/1gb system 8 games apple mac
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RARE BOXED Commodore 64 Excellerator + Plus 5.25" Disk Drive - WORKING
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Apple Macintosh PowerBook 160 Laptop
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Retro Parts GA-K8NSC-939 + Athlon 64 3000 & GA-7VT600 + Sempron 2600 -Read Desc!
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Floppies floppy disks 5.25 80X LOT1 used Amiga 500 DSDD also suit apple iie BBC
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Very rare Vulcan Flipstart palmtop handheld UMPC Windows computer
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Macintosh 7200/120
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GRID Vintage Laptop Circa 1982 Untested no power pack
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ORIGINAL Amiga 1000 Keyboard & Cable  
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Joystick Missing pin suit apple IIGS iie ii plus project vintage collector
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Vintage Apple IIe Platinum Apple 2e ntsc colour and HDD emulator card games+util
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Atari 1040ST Computer
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RARE VINTAGE - Macintosh Performa 5400 W/Keyboard + Mouse and power cord Apple
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Atari ST PS/2 and USB* Mouse Adaptor
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Apple IIc 2c vintage apple II Complete working 5.25” FDD + PSU + serviced rom 4
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ORIGINAL Dick Smith VZ300 Joystick Set - Model JS20 - Brand New In Box
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Intel Cyrix Amd ? RARE RARE AMD Evergreen 486 to 586 Upgrade Processor CPU
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Vintage desktop AT computer case & 200W power supply and multi media speakers
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Vintage 1987 Compaq Portable 386 Computer | Windows 3.1 WORKING
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Commodore Amiga 1200 computer + 1084S Monitor + external floppy drive
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Commodore 64 boxed items 1541-II, 1530, c-1342, + more joysticks- family pack
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Atari 800/XL/XE and Commodore C64 C128 Composite/S-Video video cable
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Apple Macintosh PowerBook 160 Laptop
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Commodore 64 C64 boxed Breadbin computer - complete and working
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TRS-80 Video Display Model I monitor original B&W RCA by Tandy Radio Shack 1978
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Vintage telecom computer boards
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Vintage Macintosh LC series CPU upgrade Mobius Speedster LC 68040 RARE MAC CARD
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Commodore 64 breadbin computer - C64 PAL - working with reset button.
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iMac G3 Tray-loading Blue w/ Green Keyboard & Green Mouse
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Red Faction MA15+ multi player 3D doom style shooting game suit apple mac G4 G3
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Macintosh LC III 3 restored working 12/40mb system 7.5 games apple mac
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Vintage IBM Disk Operating System Reference Manual, Sleeve, Disks Vintage DOS
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Mitac-5369 Mitac BTC 53 series PS/2 PC keyboard for 286, 386, 486, Pentium
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Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE32 CT2760 vintage PC 16-bit ISA card
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commodore amiga 500 computer working  (no monitor) everything else included
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commodore amiga 1200 HUGE WORKING LOT
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Compaq ARMADA M700 Business Laptop Pentium 700 384MB/40GB ATI Rage 8MB GPU Win98
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Apple iMac G3. Bondi Blue. Great Colour. Not Powering Up.
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Microsoft Windows 98 Upgade CD
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486DX4 - 100 (Overdrive) + 8MB + Diamond Viper VLB Weitek 
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Olivetti M21 PORTABLE PC
$1200.00 AUD (0 bids)
Sony HitBit HB-F5 MSX2 retro vintage computer w/ HBI-55 Data Cartridge
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Vintage Pentium 2 Desktop tower computer works as is
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Osborne Executive OCC2 Vintage portable computer 1982
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Apple II Memory Expansion Card untested with manual 2e iie iigs or parts
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Commodore Plus 4/C16 Joystick adapter. Use 9-pin Atari and Commodore Joysticks.
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Vintage Amstrad ppc 640 desktop computer Working.
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Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 21TX 21 inch CRT monitor - Retro Gaming Display for PC
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Pentium 4 Full Tower PC Beige
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Pentium 4 computer Tower, Beige, 2.4Ghz, 512Mb, 80Gb PATA HDD, working order.
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Aopen Mid Tower ATX computer case from Pentium II era with power supply
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AGP PCI ISA GAMEPORT Creative SoundBlaster 128 Sound Card TNT2 M64 R9200 WiFi
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Joystick Dick smith analog suit Apple ii iie iigs IBM untested need cable parts
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Macintosh Color Display M1212 13in RGB excellent 640x480 swivel sony trinitron
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hard drive emulator usb-for-2e apple iie ii plus iigs prodos BOOTI+100s game new
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Vintage PC, Pentium II 233MHz, NVIDIA 16MB  AGP, Windows 98, Loaded Retro Games
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Vintage PC Digital Venturis FX-2, Pentium 166MHz, Windows 98, Loaded Retro Games
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Working With SID Commodore 64 Computer Replacement Motherboard
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Dell XPS 630i, Core 2 Quad, GeForce 9800GT, Windows XP, GREAT PC FOR RETRO GAMES
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Sprite Graphics Card Australian Video suit apple ii iie project Very Rare parts
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1 Megabyte 62 Games Cartridge for Commodore C16 ( 16k ) Built-in Menu, Fast Load
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Vintage Collection Apple Power Macintosh 6300/120 Computer M3076
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Apple Macintosh LCII - WORKING - Boots to OS - Restored & Refurbished - M1700
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