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Superb Antique Mahogany Louis Style Chaise Sofa~Lounge-Chair~1880~ <br/> Delivery Sydney $70~Interstate~Brisbane/Melbourne~$180
$127.5 AUD - 4 bids
Vintage Leather Chesterfield Chaise Sofa~Lounge-Chair~Burgundy <br/> Delivery Sydney $70~Interstate~Brisbane/Melbourne~$180
$510.0 AUD - 29 bids
Stunning Antique Aus Cedar Louis Style Chaise Sofa~Lounge-Chair~1880~ <br/> Delivery Sydney $70~Interstate~Brisbane/Melbourne~$160
$34.33 AUD - 2 bids
Antique Petite Chaise Lounge
$250.0 AUD
Antique Victorian Chaise Lounge
$50.0 AUD
vidaXL Chaise Lounge with Buttons Artificial Leather Brown Recliner Chair Seat
Buy: $210.99 AUD
Antique Victorian Australian Cedar chaise lounge - restored and reupholstered
Buy: $450.0 AUD
Chaise Lounge Bedroom Chair
Buy: $250.0 AUD
Beautiful Antique Victorian Mahogany Spoon Back Chaise Lounge!
$330.0 AUD
***Le Corbusier Style Chaise Sofa Lounge Black Leather in Great Condition***
$99.0 AUD - 1 bid
$300.0 AUD
Antique French provincial Louis XVI chaise lounge settee sofa carved painted
$2795.0 AUD
Chaise Lounge antique design from India
$100.0 AUD
Magnificent Rich Red Quality Leather Victorian Chesterfield Chaise Lounge Daybed
Buy: $695.0 AUD
Antique Chaise Lounge. Swan rolled arm design
Buy: $900.0 AUD
Chaise Lounge
Buy: $500.0 AUD
Antique Chaise Lounge with lift up storage 1920s
Buy: $149.0 AUD
antique style chaise lounge
$100.0 AUD
Antique Chaise Lounge - Victorian
$750.0 AUD
Chaise lounge In Original Condition
Buy: $150.0 AUD
E43013 Vintage French Style Lounge Sofa Settee Chaise Wedding Prop
Buy: $225.0 AUD
Cedar Chaise Lounge Genuine Antique Furniture 
Buy: $800.0 AUD
Antique Chaise Lounge
Buy: $400.0 AUD
Chaise Lounge - Antique
Buy: $1999.0 AUD
Victorian Chaise Lounge Professionally Reupholstered
$650.0 AUD
Chaise Lounge Upcycled Professional ❤️❤️ Restored Edwardian Antique New Decor
$1499.0 AUD
Vintage 2 Seater Window Love seat ◆Settee ◆Chaise Lounge ◆Couch Sofa Shabby chic
$149.0 AUD
$1800.0 AUD
Antique  Cedar Chaise Lounge.
$660.0 AUD
Chaise Lounge - Antique
Buy: $1980.0 AUD
Antique Chaise Lounge
$420.0 AUD
chaise lounge Antique
$400.0 AUD
Antique 1883 Victorian era Couch, Settee, Chaise Lounge. Goth, Retro.
Buy: $1400.0 AUD
Antique Chaise Lounge - Red velvet
Buy: $270.0 AUD
vintage chaise lounge
$250.0 AUD
Chaise chaise lounge sofa couch miners couch Edwardian antique
Buy: $350.0 AUD
Antique Chaise lounge - cream embroidered fabric & oak wood
$580.0 AUD
Chaise Antique Lounge With Storage Compartment (Button Stitched)
$450.0 AUD
Vintage/Antique Blackwood miners couch/day bed/Chaise longue/lounge
$500.0 AUD
Antique Chaise Lounge Suite
Buy: $500.0 AUD
NEW Iniko Cecilia 3 Seater Left Chaise Lounge, Beige
Buy: $1679.0 AUD
 Italian Leather Lounge SOFAS Chaise Corner 2 Seats + Chaise ! - Aroma
$1499.0 AUD
Antique Chaise Victorian Lounge
Buy: $550.0 AUD
Antique chaise lounge and two chairs
$1100.0 AUD
Antique Chaise Lounge With Matching Chairs
Buy: $1500.0 AUD
Antique Lounge Suite Original 1920's era 1x Chaise 2 x Armchairs
$450.0 AUD
Antique Edwardian Chaise Lounge
$299.0 AUD
Black Lounge | Chaise Lounge | Kingston Black
Buy: $1978.9 AUD
chaise lounge siesta thonet liberty 50 years straw of vienna vintage 50 years
Buy: $464.56 AUD
Edwardian Grandpa Antique Chairs x 2 & Chaise Lounge
Buy: $525.0 AUD
Chair in deck coca cola original 50 years chair armchair chaise lounge vintage
Buy: $514.18 AUD
Chaise Lounge Professional Restoration ❤️ Edwardian Antique Decor Shop Or Home
$1450.0 AUD