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Xvive U2 Black Guitar Wireless System - New
Buy: $179.0 AUD
Sennheiser XS wireless handheld System with Gator Case
Buy: $290.0 AUD
samick electric stratocaster guitar
$150.0 AUD
Orange Crush BASS50 Amplifier 2016 MODEL 50W Electric Bass Guitar Combo Amp
$374.9 AUD
Artist EDK260 Electric 8 Piece Electronic Drum Kit +Stool +Headphones - New
Buy: $499.0 AUD
Lovepedal Les Lius  Overdrive Pedal Fender Tweed
$200.0 AUD - 15 bids
Martinez Natural Series Acoustic-Electric Dreadnought Guitar Mahogany
Buy: $279.2 AUD
Brand New Heavy Duty Hard Case for Les Paul Electric Guitar,Pinstripe, Lockable
$89.0 AUD
Kraken LP Style Electric Guitar - Beauty!
$300.0 AUD - 1 bid
Yamaha Studio Lord Les Paul Shape Electric Guitar MIJ
Buy: $459.0 AUD
Electric guitar hard case (Modified)
$40.0 AUD
Buy: $1100.0 AUD
Relic Telecaster Electric Guitar.
$350.0 AUD
ddrum Diablo Punx 5-Piece Drum Kit
$300.0 AUD
Wireless In Ear Monitor System with 4 Receiver Earphone
$599.99 AUD
Xvive U2 Silver Guitar Wireless System - New
Buy: $179.0 AUD
 EM225 Maton acoustic/electric guitar in hard case.
Buy: $700.0 AUD
Artist DC300 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Hard Case - New
Buy: $87.0 AUD
Custom Telecaster - Electric Guitar USA pickups.
$500.0 AUD
Hagstrom Viking Electric Guitar with Hard Case & Floor stand
Buy: $650.0 AUD
Artist Spiritus7 Electric 7 String  Guitar Black Gloss - New
Buy: $229.0 AUD
Brand New Rectangle Deluxe Lockable Hard Case for Electric Guitar -Vintage Tweed
$89.0 AUD
Fender Stratocaster Left Handed Electric Guitar
Buy: $650.0 AUD
Buy: $625.0 AUD
Guitar Rack Stand for 7 Guitars Electric Acoustic Bass
Buy: $44.95 AUD
NEW Marquez MD150 Cutaway Electric Acoustic Guitar
Buy: $129.0 AUD
160W 12" PA System Active Address Speaker,2 Wireless Mic.Bluetooth,USB,Guitar In
$298.0 AUD
Mapex Q Series Drum Kit + Extras
$299.0 AUD
Brand New Deluxe Lockable Hard Case - LP Les Paul Electric Guitar-Vintage Tweed
$89.0 AUD
 Electric Guitar Set With Amp  Bag Tuner Strap Stand Picks
$169.0 AUD
Gibson Les Paul Studio 2011 MADE IN USA Electric Guitar Working
$899.95 AUD
Joyo Jam Buddy Dual channel 2 x 4W Pedal Guitar Amp - New
Buy: $129.0 AUD
Gibson USA Standard Les Paul Electric Guitar
Buy: $2750.0 AUD
2007 USA Gibson Firebird Electric Guitar
Buy: $1800.0 AUD
Vintage Tender guitar made in Japan
$300.0 AUD
Hard Guitar Case Brown for Acoustic Dreadnought XL
Buy: $94.0 AUD
Electric Guitar and Amp Amplifier with Bag Strap Tuner Set Kit Pack  <br/> BLACK, RED, WHITE Available , Upgraded to 20W AMP!
$149.0 AUD
1978 Greco Japan EG-500B Les Paul Electric Guitar (Black) w/Hard Case
$999.0 AUD
SWAMP Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Hard Case - ABS Style
Buy: $99.99 AUD
Relic Telecaster - Custom Electric Guitar
$350.0 AUD
PEARL VISION  Full Acoustic Drum Kit - As new condition
Buy: $1800.0 AUD
Fender Duo Sonic Electric Guitar (90's MIM)
Buy: $869.0 AUD
S# New Folding Electric Acoustic Guitar Stand Bass Holder Adjustable Floor Rack
$20.99 AUD
Gibson Les Paul Traditional In Case + Docs
Buy: $2200.0 AUD
Epiphone Ultra Les Paul Electric Guitar
Buy: $450.0 AUD
Vintage Tweed Lockable Hard Case for Les Paul Electric Guitars
$89.0 AUD
Rickenbacker 360 Fireglo 6 String 2008 Electric Guitar
Buy: $2000.0 AUD
 Fender Telecaster 1969 Bass Guitar
Buy: $2500.0 AUD
Sigma 000ME Small Body Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Buy: $393.75 AUD
BrandNew Pinstripe Rectangle Heavy Duty Electric Guitar Hard Case-Lockable
$89.0 AUD
Buy: $3450.0 AUD
Vintage 1972 Acoustic Guitar. Hard case included immaculate condition
Buy: $125.0 AUD
Gibson Midtown Custom Electric Guitar 2012 (Vintage Sunburst) w/ Hardshell Case
Buy: $1680.0 AUD
Deluxe HD Lockable Hard Box Case for Electric Guitar – Vintage Tweed
$89.0 AUD
Ibanez RGT42FX black electric 6-string guitar IN CASE
$500.0 AUD
Tanglewood TWCRO Crossroads Orchestra Electric Acoustic Guitar
Buy: $199.0 AUD
Brand New Rectangle Heavy Duty Electric Guitar Hard Case, Pinstripe, Lockable
$89.0 AUD
Artist Indominus8 8 String Electric Guitar - Black Gloss - New
Buy: $249.0 AUD
Taylor GS MINI KOA E Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Buy: $1376.55 AUD
Fender Stratocaster 2010 Electric Guitar #275341
Buy: $899.0 AUD
Guitar Rack Stand for 5 Guitars Electric Acoustic Bass
Buy: $39.95 AUD
Fender American Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar
Buy: $1280.0 AUD
Silvertone Acoustic 604 Electric Acoustic Guitar ** RRP $649 **
$399.0 AUD
Acoustic Guitar Hard Case Black  for Acoustic 12-String  6-String Guitars
$89.0 AUD
Factory 2nd Artist GRUNGEMASTER - JM Style Electric Guitar
Buy: $225.0 AUD
Artist EB2 Budget Full Sized ST Style Electric Guitar - Black - New
Buy: $99.0 AUD
Custom Made Relic Telecaster Electric Guitar.
$510.0 AUD
Guitar Pedal Leeds Tech 31 NYC Pete Townshend Sound
$83.0 AUD - 3 bids
Artist GNOSIS-6, Super ST Style Electric Guitar - New
Buy: $249.0 AUD
Electric Guitar rare , Tommy Emmanual Limited Edition, Fender Telecaster
Buy: $2000.0 AUD
Acoustic Guitar Classical Hard Road Case Black with Thermometer & Hygrometer
Buy: $79.0 AUD
2017 Taylor Acoustic Electric Guitar 110e ES2 w/ case and box...
Buy: $1100.0 AUD
Vintage 1983 USA Fender Dan Smith Stratocaster electric guitar Smith Strat MINT
Buy: $1995.0 AUD
Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar - Cherry Red - excellant condition
Buy: $900.0 AUD
$110.0 AUD
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar
Buy: $399.0 AUD
Gibson Melody Maker USA Electric Guitar - Les Paul Junior Shape
Buy: $555.0 AUD
NEW Vintage TWEED HARD SHELL GUITAR CASE FOR Les Paul Electric Guitars
$89.0 AUD
Ibanez RG570 vintage 1990 RG Electric Guitar
Buy: $825.0 AUD
Maton EM425 12 String Acoustic Electric Guitar
Buy: $1200.0 AUD
Ibanez RT Series electric guitar in HSC
Buy: $575.0 AUD
Artist REBC350TO Electric Bass Guitar Hard Case, Rectangular with Lock - New
Buy: $89.0 AUD
PRS SE Paul Allender Signature Electric Guitar - Purple Burst
Buy: $699.0 AUD
Factory 2nd Artist FLYBK Electric Guitar - Black
Buy: $315.0 AUD
Yamaha 4 Bass Guitar + Gig Bag
$15.5 AUD - 5 bids
1976 Ibanez Les Paul 2350 (Black) w/Hard Case
$949.05 AUD
Joe Satriani JS 1000 Electric Guitar Black Pearl
Buy: $1300.0 AUD
Epiphone 100 Les Paul Electric Guitar
Buy: $400.0 AUD
New Crossfire Electric Guitar Hard Case (Strat / Tele Style) Black
Buy: $103.2 AUD
Gibson Standard SG Electric Guitar
Buy: $1500.0 AUD
New Martinez  'Flame Finish' Acoustic-Electric Roundback Cutaway Guitar (Black)
Buy: $260.0 AUD
JOYO JW-01 Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver System for Guitar Bass Electric
Buy: $91.28 AUD
Electa MIJ Fujigen Factory Stratocaster Electric guitar
$350.0 AUD
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammet Signature Electric Guitar Black *BRAND NEW*
$1649.0 AUD
Vintage 1974 Maton CW80 acoustic guitar natural relic
Buy: $875.0 AUD
ABS Electric Guitar Hard Case Rectangular Rounded Corners Lockable Light Weight
Buy: $85.0 AUD
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro / With Hard Case.
Buy: $650.0 AUD
Jackson JS1X Rhoads Minion 2/3 Scale Satin Black Electric Guitar
$399.0 AUD
Gibson Explorer USA Electric Guitar + Case
Buy: $2000.0 AUD
Epiphone Les Paul Hard Case Black on Black inside
$80.0 AUD