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Superb China Old Handwork Bronze Dragon Statue Cane Head Walking Stick
Buy: $22.99 AUD
Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) Red Crowned Cranes #1142860 Genuine Immaculate
$150.0 AUD
6CM High Chinese Wood Carved Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Tathagata Head!.Pro
Buy: $2.24 AUD
Very Rare Antique Buddha From Thailand Wrapped In Sterling Silver Circa 1820s
$69.0 AUD
carved wood Buddha
$1000.0 AUD
Magnificent Antique Thai Roof Wooden Sculpture Ayuthaya Period Circa 1600s
Buy: $4800.0 AUD
Buy: $275.0 AUD
$5.0 AUD
Pair Of Vintage Antique Chinese Turquoise Foo Dogs Tample Lions
Buy: $398.9 AUD
  Asian  WOODEN MAN PLAYING A FLUTE  carving hand carved
Buy: $49.5 AUD
Vintage Bone Carved Statue
Buy: $95.0 AUD
bronze female sculpture
$350.0 AUD
Genuine Vintage Hand Made Chinese Pottery Mudman figurine
$80.0 AUD
Chinese Abacus in Black Dragon Painted Gift Box (AB-SB-DP)
Buy: $65.0 AUD
$17.0 AUD
$25.0 AUD
 Chinese Lion Statue Heavy Brass
$35.0 AUD
Small Chinese Lion Statue Solid Brass
$19.0 AUD
$30.0 AUD
1920's JAPANESE CELLULOID DIORAMA FIGURINES : Geisha playing music and dancing
$40.0 AUD
$30.0 AUD
2 x Chinese Dragon with Pearl Miniture Brass figures cast in India
$11.95 AUD
12" Old Rare Chinese Dynasty Palace Huang Hua Li Wood Carving Paper Weight Pair
$300.0 AUD
8.4" Old Chinese Blue White Porcelain Lotus Leaf Mandarin Duck Pot Jar Crock
$380.0 AUD
Vintage Ceramic Chinese Foo Dog
Buy: $79.9 AUD
9" Tibet turquoise Bronze Buddhism Seat 7 eyes White Tara Goddess Buddha Statue
$400.0 AUD
8" Old Tibet Buddhism Copper vajra Dorje Phurba Dagger Holder Human Skull Box
$260.0 AUD
5" Old Tibet Buddhism Turquoise 8 Auspicious Symbol Tibetan Word Pot Jar Crock
$260.0 AUD
4.8" Natural Shoushan Stone Hand Carved Pine Tree Old Man Word Seal Stamp Signet
$360.0 AUD
5"Xuande Marked Old Chinese Cloisonne Enamel Bronze Dynasty Handle Pot Jar Crock
$290.0 AUD
6" China Tianhuang Shoushan Stone Carved Happy Laugh Maitreya Buddha Fish Statue
$350.0 AUD
10"Rare Old China Dynasty Lacquerware Bat Shou Wealth Storage Jewelry Box Casket
$290.0 AUD
10" Old China Tang Sancai Pottery Dynasty Double Ears Bottle Vase Pot Crock T S
$360.0 AUD
24cm Collectible Bronze Carve Double ballet Statue romantic creative Decorated
$249.99 AUD
12" Qianlong Marked Old Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain 2 Ears Flower Bottle Vase
$440.0 AUD
12" Qianlong Marked Chinese Lacquerware Wood Scenery Poetry Storage Jewelry Box
$440.0 AUD
8" Qianlong Marked Chinese Porcelain Gilt Dynasty 3 Legs Incense Burner Censer
$560.0 AUD
Precious Old Chinese bronze Xuande Ceremony Marked Royal Tea Teapot Cup Set
$400.0 AUD
9" Chinese Famous Brass Mao Ze Dong Leader Chairman Head Bust Statue Sculpture
$280.0 AUD
6" Da Qing Qianlong Marked Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Tongzi Boy Brush Pot
$280.0 AUD
14" Old Chinese Bronze Silver Ware Dynasty Birds Handle Incense Burner Censer
$350.0 AUD
11.2" Old Marked Tibetan Bronze Gilt Shakyamuni Sakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Statue
$330.0 AUD
12" Da Qing Qianlong Marked Chinese Wu Cai Porcelain Palace Flower Bottle Vase
$550.0 AUD
13.6" Rare Antique Tibet Bronze Gilt Seat Tsongkhapa Tsov-kha-pa Buddha Statue
$860.0 AUD
10" Super Xinjiang Hetian Old Jade Hand Carving Fengshui Bat Bird Fan Statue
$998.0 AUD
11.6" Marked Old Chinese Copper Gilt Fish Goldfish Statue Incense Burner Censer
$290.0 AUD
9" Qianlong Marked Chinese Colour Porcelain Qing Dynasty Flower Birds Bowl Bowls
$243.0 AUD
Folk Chinese Bronze Copper Animals Longevity 100 Shou Dragon Turtle Statue
Buy: $255.55 AUD
7" Old zhengde Marked Chinese Yellow Glaze Porcelain Zodiac Year 2 Dragon Bowl
$360.0 AUD
$300.0 AUD
5.5CM Old Chinese Natural Hetian Jade Dynasty Dragon Pixiu Beast Lucky Statue Q
$390.0 AUD
8" Old China Ebony Jewel Carving Dynasty Palace Bat Lucky Jewelry Box
Buy: $280.0 AUD
8.4" Old Chinese Ebony Jewel Carving Dynasty Palace Phoenix Lucky Jewelry Box
Buy: $280.0 AUD
9" Old Antique Chinese Natural Bamboo Root Carved Dynasty Brush Pot Pencil Vase
$300.0 AUD
8" Old Chinese Ebony Wood Inlay Jade Gem Dynasty Palace Jewelry Box Container
$280.0 AUD
6.8" Collect Chinese Huanghauli Wood Shell Flower Bird Brush Pot Pencil Vase
$300.0 AUD
10.8" Marked Chinese Brass Carved 2 Bonding Siamesed Home Flower Bottle Vase
$280.0 AUD
Tibet Bronze Gilt Inlay Gem Stone Phurba Dagger 10 piece Total Amount 299$
$499.0 AUD
6" Old China Boxwood Hand Carved Feng Shui Zodiac Year Tiger Statue Sculpture
$290.0 AUD
7" Tibet Buddhsim Temple Beeswax Turquoise Shakyamuni Buddha Stupa Pagoda Tower
$840.0 AUD
Tibet Silver Filigree Inlay Turquoise Coral 8 Auspicious Symbol Tank Pot Statue
$998.0 AUD
6" Old China Ox Bull Horn Long Eyebrow Lohan Arhat Monk Human Skull Head Statue
$390.0 AUD
12.8" Old China Ebony Conch Carving Dynasty Palace Flower Bird Jewelry Book Box
Buy: $440.0 AUD
31CM High China Bamboo Dynasty Carving People landscape Brush Pot Pencil Vase S
$320.0 AUD
6" Exquisite China Wucai Porcelain Pottery Colourful Flower Vessel Bowl Marked S
$370.0 AUD
4.8" Marked Old China ox horn hand-carved Dynasty Palace Pixiu Beast oxhorn Cann
$400.0 AUD
7cm Old China Natural Shoushan Stone Carved Abstract Maitreya Buddha Statue Seal
$360.0 AUD
6" Natural Shoushan Stone Hand Carving Pine Tree Old Man Seal Stamp Signet A1
$360.0 AUD
4" China Natural Bloodstone Shoushan Stone Hand Carved Pixiu Beast Chain Statue
$370.0 AUD
11.2" Old Chinese Huang Huali Wood Carved Home Chopsticks Kuaizi With Box Set S
$290.0 AUD
19" Old Chinese Huanghuali Wood Dynasty Longevity God Kids Deer Screen Sculpture
$440.0 AUD
10 "Ancient Chinese paper dynasty Ben Cao Cong Xin Hanzi word Book set
$250.0 AUD
12" Old China Tang San Cai Porcelain Dynasty Man Running Horse Equine Statue
$260.0 AUD
4" Rare Chinese Natural Dushan Jade Jadite Hand Carved Longevity God Hand Pieces
$370.0 AUD
3" Chinese Natural Dushan Jade Hand Carved Sailing Boat Sailing Ship Hand Pieces
$370.0 AUD
11" Rare Chinese Cloisonne Enamel Gilt Foo Fu Dogs Lion Lions Animal Statue Pair
$1100.0 AUD
6" China Tianhuang Shoushan Stone Dynasty People Old Man Tree Statue Seal Signet
$700.0 AUD
16cm Xuande Marked Copper China Ancient People Life Carved Bursh Pot Pencil Vase
$270.0 AUD
11.2" Collect  Antique China Bronze Ware Palace Goblet Cann Water Wineglass Cup
$290.0 AUD
8" Chinese Celadon Porcelain Dynasty 2 Dragon Bead Handle Incense Burner Censer
$275.0 AUD
7" Collect China 100% Old Jade Jadeite Feng Shui Dragon Turtle Beast Statue Pair
$550.0 AUD
9" Chinese Old Antique White Jade Jadeite Carved Kwan-Yin Guan Yin Ru Yi Statue
$715.0 AUD
7" Old China White Jade Dynasty Carving Phoenix Beast Wineglass Goblet Cup Cann
$530.0 AUD
5" Old Chinese Natural Shoushan Stone Carved Maitreya Bodhisattva Buddha Statue
$570.0 AUD
7" Marked China Buddhism Brass Happy Laugh Maitreya Buddha Hold Ru Yi Sculpture
$280.0 AUD
9" Kangxi Marked Chinese Red Glaze Porcelain Dynasty 5 Mouth Flower Bottle Vase
$360.0 AUD
7" Old Chinese Bronze Dynasty Palace Animal Zodiac Year Stand Horse Sculpture
$280.0 AUD
6.6" Old Chinese Bronze Fengshui 12 Zodiac Yea Monkey Head Bust Statue Sculpture
$280.0 AUD
8" Marked Old Chinese Red Glaze Porcelain Hollow Out Rotation Pot Incense burner
$275.0 AUD
6" Old Chinese Palace Bamboo Wood Carved figures Child Brush Pot pencil vase
$290.0 AUD
6" Xuande Marked Rare Old Chinese Bronze Ming Dynasty Ding Incense Burner Censer
$290.0 AUD
32.8" Tibet Buddhism Silk Cloth 4 Arms Guanyin Kwan-yin Wall Hang Tangka Thangka
$430.0 AUD
3.2" China Natural Hetian Jade Carved Stand Camel llama Animal Statue Sculpture
$680.0 AUD
6" Chinese Shoushan Stone Pine Tree Shanzi Imperial Seal Signet Stamp Statue
$299.0 AUD
10" Uniqe China Huang Huali Wood Carving Dragon Tote Storage Casket jewel box S
$290.0 AUD
6.4" Chinese Natural 100% White Jade Feng Shui 12 Zodiac Year Dragon Sculpture
$290.0 AUD
12" Rare Old Chinese Ebony inlay Shell Palace Lotus Mandarin Duck JEWELLERY BOX
$880.0 AUD
Folk China Bronze Dragon Warrior GuanGong GuanYu God Hold Seal Bronze Statue
Buy: $360.05 AUD
10" Old China Cloisonne Enamel Fane Free Guanyin Kwan-yin Goddess Buddha Statue
$520.0 AUD
8.4" Old China Purple Sand Painting Laugh Maitreya Buddha Coins Wealth Statue
$420.0 AUD