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LG ERICSSON iPECS LIP-8024E 24-Button IP Gigabit Phone handset
$49.0 AUD
SAMSUNG OFFICE SERV7200 Telephone System with 26 handsets
$70.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7200 IP Telephone Business System PABX
Buy: $150.0 AUD
Samsung Officeserv DS-5014S Black Phone
$29.99 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7030 Complete PBX VoIP setup <br/> PBX, 7 handsets, Modem, POE Switch
$500.0 AUD
SAMSUNG Telephone handset DS-24D New Best Price 80% below retail price
Buy: $88.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ SMT-i5210 IP Handset
Buy: $30.0 AUD
Samsung DS-5021D Digital Telephone in Black/Black
$20.0 AUD
Samsung DS-24D  Business Telephone 30Day warranty
Buy: $80.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7030 Telephone System
Buy: $100.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ DS-5021D Digital Navigator Phone (Silver) - Refurbished
Buy: $82.5 AUD
3 x Samsung Officeserv DS-5014S Black Phone
$55.0 AUD
Samsung OS 7200 / 7400 4BRI card
Buy: $143.0 AUD
Samsung iDCS100 MPR & power supply w 12 mts warranty
$99.9 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ SMT-i5210S 14-Button Backlit IP Telephone
Buy: $45.0 AUD
BRAND NEW | Samsung DS-5014S Black | OfficeServ
Buy: $135.0 AUD
Samsung OS7400PSU Power Supply for OfficeServ 7400 Phone System
Buy: $120.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7030 Telephone System main control unit
$50.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 16DLI2 Card KP-OSDBDL2/EUS
Buy: $99.0 AUD
Samsung Euro KPDCS-24B-LCD Digital Display Phone - Refurbished
Buy: $48.56 AUD
Samsung SMT-i6020 Business Telephone - 4 months old
Buy: $180.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ7030 w/ 8x h/sets, NBN compatible, GST inc & 12 months wty
$499.0 AUD
Samsung DS-24D  PH HANDSET 12 months wty Tax invoice
$99.0 AUD
Samsung SMT-i3105 IP Phone - Refurbished
Buy: $55.0 AUD
4x Samsung OfficeServ DS-5007S Digital Phone
$80.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7100 power supply GST inc, 12 months wty
$99.0 AUD
5x SAMSUNG OfficeServ DS-5014D Telephone Handset
$125.0 AUD
Samsung Euro KPDCS-24D LCD Handset - Refurbished
$88.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ CRM Card
Buy: $230.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ DS-5014S Digital Phone (Silver) - Refurbished
Buy: $77.0 AUD
7x Samsung DS-2100B Digital Phone
$180.0 AUD
Samsung Officeserv SVMI20E SVMI 20 E GA92-03285A KP-SVM-B20H GST Inc
Buy: $139.32 AUD
SAMSUNG Telephone handset OfficeServ DS-5014S
Buy: $15.0 AUD
Samsung DCS408 (Untested - Believed to be working) Full 30-day Refund
$99.95 AUD
Samsung SMT-i3105 IP handset
Buy: $105.0 AUD
REDUCED FOR FAST SALE>>Samsung OfficeServ 7400 system
Buy: $1299.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 200/500 Ring Generator Unit - A Grade
Buy: $110.0 AUD
Samsung Officeserv KP-OSDBLIM LIM Card
Buy: $230.0 AUD
Samsung OS100 MGI3 VoIP Gateway 8-Channel for iDCS100 GSTinc
$199.0 AUD
Samsung SMT-i5220 IP Phone
Buy: $79.95 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ DS-5014D Digital Navigator Phone (Silver) - Refurbished
Buy: $110.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 8TRK2 Card
Buy: $85.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ LP40 Local Control Processor Module
$259.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ DS-5038S LCD h/set, GST inv, 12 months wty
$79.8 AUD
Samsung SMT-W5100 IP Cordless Phone with charging base, 12 months wty, GST inc
$199.0 AUD
Samsung OS100 MGI-16 VOIP Gateway Card
$250.0 AUD
Samsung Officeserv 4TM Trunk Module Card
Buy: $80.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ SMT-i5210 IP Telephone with power supply
$25.0 AUD
Samsung DCS408 with 4x handsets GSTinc
$299.0 AUD
Samsung VPM2 for SVMI-20E or SVMI16E KPSVM-B4V2 GST & Delivery Inc.
Buy: $62.89 AUD
Samsung Officeserv 7030 CCU Main Equipment
$99.95 AUD
Samsung TEPRI  PRI ISDN Card
$345.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7030 Telephone System Key Unit PABX
$169.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7200 MFM multi frequency module daughter card - used
Buy: $99.0 AUD
Samsung Refurbished Euro 24 Button Digital Display Handsets
$40.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ SVMi-2E Voice Mail Module
$149.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ DS-5038S LCD h/set, GST inv, 12 months wty
$79.8 AUD
SAMSUNG OFFICESERV DS-5015D Business Phone for PBX Tax Invoice GST Inclusive
$65.9 AUD
Samsung IDCS100 Phone System IDCS 100 17850 GST & Del Inc
$95.78 AUD
Samsung DS 5014D Handset with BTC corded headset
$120.0 AUD
Samsung iDCS 9 x 8D and 2 x 18D Bundle - Used
Buy: $199.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ MGI card
$299.0 AUD
SAMSUNG MEM3 Card for iDCS100
Buy: $150.0 AUD
SAMSUNG OfficeServ 7200 Business System PABX 
$250.0 AUD
SAMSUNG OfficeServ 7200 Business IP Phone System - 52 Port - 5 Modules Installed
$599.0 AUD
Samsung ITP5100V View IP handset
Buy: $75.0 AUD
Samsung OS7200 LCP Card (Refurbished)
$175.0 AUD
Samsung DCS24 with 9x LCD h/sets, 12 months warranty, tax invoice
$399.0 AUD
Samsung SMT-W5120 DECT Cordless Phone
Buy: $129.95 AUD
Samsung DCS24 KSU  w 12 mts warranty
$119.9 AUD
Samsung OS500 ROM-2 Card (Refurbished)
$125.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7100 / 7200 / 7200S / 7400 8COMBO 8 port analogue / 8 port di
Buy: $286.0 AUD
Samsung 4SLM KPOS71BSLM/EUS 19805E | GA-92-03077A |
Buy: $84.0 AUD
Samsung SMT-W5100 IP Cordless Phone charging base With Power Supply
Buy: $49.0 AUD
New Samsung SMT I3105 IP Handset
$214.5 AUD
Samsung iDCS 100 MEM4 Card KP100DBME4/AUA
Buy: $234.14 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7100 / 7200 / 7200S / 7400 MIS miscellaneous function daughte
Buy: $121.0 AUD
Buy: $199.0 AUD
NEW Samsung Galaxy S9 Dual Sim G960FD 64GB Blue 12MP 4G LTE 5.8" Unlocked Phone
Buy: $719.0 AUD
$99.0 AUD
Samsung ITP5121D IP handset
Buy: $60.0 AUD
Samsung DCS 70 / iDCS 100 MISC2 Card - Used
Buy: $119.79 AUD
Samsung DCS/OS500 DLI16 Card (Refurbished)
$65.0 AUD
Samsung DCS/OS500 16 MW SLI Card (Refurbished)
$90.0 AUD
Samsung iDCS100 TEPRI ISDN30e Card
$149.0 AUD
Samsung Officeserv 7200 Control Unit Cabinet GST & Del Inc
$189.95 AUD
Samsung MGI64 Media Gateway Interface Card KPOS74BMG for OfficeServ 7400
Buy: $531.16 AUD
Samsung IPT-5121D Business Telephone
Buy: $50.0 AUD
Samsung Phone System Ring Generator RGPS020 DCS IDCS
$65.0 AUD
Samsung  SMT-A52GE Gigabit  Ethernet Adapter
$95.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7100 MP10 main processor card - used
Buy: $154.0 AUD
Samsung DS5038-S | Samsung Officeserv
Buy: $30.0 AUD
SAMSUNG 008BASE GA92-01552A DCS70 main board
$60.0 AUD
Samsung DS-5038S Digital Telephone in Black/Black - B Grade
Buy: $44.48 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ ITP-5114D IP phone navigator w/ power pack
$99.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ MGI16 (16-VoIP Channels) Media Gateway Interface Module
$349.0 AUD
Samsung DCS-70 Power Supply CKPS-V2B
$80.0 AUD
Samsung OfficeServ 7400/7200/7100 TEPRIa (TEPRI a) Module:T1/PRI Trunk Card
$115.0 AUD
Samsung KPDCS-64B Add On Module - Refurbished
$102.0 AUD
SAMSUNG Telephone Handset DS-24D
$79.0 AUD