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Vintage Makio Hasuike & Co Container GEDY Made In Italy 1970's $75 Free Post
$75.0 AUD
Large size Venetian Mask Made in Italy
Buy: $39.0 AUD
Odd Sights For The Tourist In Naples, Italy ,1910  PRINT
$44.99 AUD
Venetian Mask in blue Made in Italy
Buy: $35.0 AUD
Set Ceramics Giachetti 1950 Vintage Rockabilly 50s 50'S Italy
Buy: $435.25 AUD
Iron Figure Italy 19Jh.
Buy: $403.41 AUD
Artemide Tolomeo mini lamp made in Milano Italy mid century M. De Lucchi Fassina
Buy: $359.92 AUD
Decoration fireplace andiron bronze brass chiseled antique style antique 900 XX
Buy: $4885.6 AUD
Ashtray um 1940-1950 Dino Martens Murano Urangrün Italy
Buy: $201.45 AUD
Gem Italy um 1860 Cameo
Buy: $772.19 AUD
Oracion a la Virgen de la Caridad - Spanish - Relic Paperstock Holy Card
Buy: $4.34 AUD
Santa Teresita - Oracion a santa teresita - Spanish - Relic Paperstock Holy Card
Buy: $4.34 AUD
Saint St. Pio of Pietrelcina with Prayer - Relic - Paperstock Holy Card
Buy: $4.34 AUD
St. Saint Lucy (Patron of Eye Disorders) + Prayer - Relic Paperstock Holy Card
Buy: $4.34 AUD
Holy Water Basin Italy 19 Jh Bronze
Buy: $369.32 AUD
Vintage Framed Embossed Aluminum Fine Art Mezzocorona Castello Italy tob
Buy: $251.99 AUD
Light Extraordinary Glass Venice Italy Salviatti um 1920
Buy: $302.18 AUD
Inkwell around 1890 Italy San Remo
Buy: $268.6 AUD
Apotheosis of Venice Engraving Pavlvs Caliary Veronensis Invent Prinxit Van Camp
Buy: $944.78 AUD
Coral Necklace + Earrings Italy Coral
Buy: $663.11 AUD
Unusual Murano Vase um 1920 Italy
Buy: $369.32 AUD
Rare Ceramics Figure Italy Naples 19 Jh Signed
Buy: $805.81 AUD
Florence Le Vieux Bridge Italy Italia Stereo Stereoview Vintage
Buy: $39.06 AUD
Biskuitporzellanfigur Italy around 1850 Figure
Buy: $637.94 AUD
Rare Bottle Pietra Dura Florentine Mosaic Italy around 1850 Marble
Buy: $2014.52 AUD
Saint Peter Bronze um 1760 Italy Switzerland
Buy: $1376.59 AUD