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A Distant Shore - Irish Migration & New Zealand Settlement.
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The Irish Exiles in Australia. KIERNAN, T.J.
$19.99 AUD
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer (Paperback, 2011)
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Not Just Ned: A True History of the Irish in Australia by National Museum of Aus
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 In An Irish House by David Davison & Sybil Connolly (Softcover, 1996)
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NEW A Pocket History of the Irish Revolution By Gill Books Hardcover
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NEW Irish Ghost Stories By David Stuart Davies Hardcover Free Shipping
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Guide to Irish Quaker Records, 1654-1860; With Contribution on Northern Ireland
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XIII 17: The Irish Version
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DOUG BUCKLEY - Fragments From A Forgettory - British - Irish Convicts - SC
Buy: $28.0 AUD
T J Kiernan - The Irish Exiles In Australia - hbdj 1954
$13.9 AUD
"The Great Shame, A Story of The Irish..." Thomas Keneally (Hardcover, 1998)
Buy: $28.95 AUD
Dead Point: Jack Irish, Tie-In: Jack Irish book 3 by Peter Temple (English) Pape
Buy: $23.82 AUD
The Leaving of Loughrea: An Irish Family in the Great Famine by Stephen Lally (E
Buy: $33.88 AUD
Always a Wanderer: The Irish Traveller Series - Book Two by Winters, Danica
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IRISH FAVORITES - Trombone Instrumental Play-Along Book & CD *NEW* Music Songs
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IRISH FAVORITES - Cello Instrumental Play-Along Book & AAI *NEW* Music Songs
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NEW Magical Folk By Simon Young Hardcover Free Shipping
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Irish Wolfhound Presents: Doggy Wordsearch the Irish Wolfhound Brings You a Dogg
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NEW Tales of Irish Enchantment By Patricia Lynch Hardcover Free Shipping
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The Fighting Irish: The Story of the Extraordinary Irish Soldier by Tim Newark (
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In Search of Your British & Irish Roots A Complete Guide to Tracing Your by Angu
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Only Wounded: Stories of the Irish Troubles by Patrick Taylor (English) Paperbac
Buy: $31.18 AUD
Black Tide: Jack Irish, Tie In: Jack Irish book 2 by Peter Temple (English) Pape
Buy: $23.82 AUD
Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragoon (Part 1) by Charles Lever (English) Paperbac
Buy: $41.36 AUD
The Irish Twins, Illustrated Edition (Yesterday's Classics) by Lucy Fitch Perkin
Buy: $23.99 AUD
Michael Bowen - A TIME OF SECRETS - Irish / Australian Biography - SC Book - VGC
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Poems of the Irish People (Barnes & Noble Collectible Classi Free Shipping!
Buy: $20.18 AUD
The Black and Tans: British Police and Auxiliaries in the Irish War of Independe
Buy: $47.26 AUD
BILL WANNAN - The Folklore of the Irish in Australia Hard Back
Buy: $19.95 AUD
Irish Witchcraft and Demonology: Including Fairies by Seymour, John D.
Buy: $26.77 AUD
The Irish In Australia By Patrick O'Farrell
$39.99 AUD
1887 Edition The Irish Sketch Book by Willam Makepeace Thackeray
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Buy: $9.89 AUD
Streets of Dust by Lola Irish (Hardback, 1993)
$10.0 AUD
NEW MR MEN BEDTIME  (BUY 5 GET 1 FREE) Little Miss irish
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Scotch and Irish Terriers (a Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic) by Maxtee, J.
Buy: $35.39 AUD
The Anglo-Irish Murders Robert Amiss/Baronness Jack Troutback  by Edwards Ruth
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Little Book Pyrography Techniques Exercises Designs Pa by Irish Lora S -Hcover
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Irish Wonders by D. R. McAnally.
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Passenger Lists from Ireland. Excerpted from the Journal of the American Irish H
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NEW White Dog: Jack Irish, Book Four By Peter Temple Paperback Free Shipping
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$39.9 AUD
New The Cow Book By John Connell
Buy: $22.99 AUD
ARTEMIS FOWL By Eoin Colfer (2011)
$4.0 AUD
Irish Rebel by Nora Roberts.
Buy: $16.02 AUD
The Story of the Irish Race by Seumas MacManus.
Buy: $27.25 AUD
The Irish Fairy Book by Alfred Perceval Graves.
Buy: $32.51 AUD
Dead Point: Jack Irish book 3 (Jack Irish Novels) by Peter Temple.
Buy: $21.86 AUD
Adiany of Deeds Unsung history by peter o'shannassy,GBL8
$14.7 AUD
Irish Riflemen in America by Leech, Arthur Blennerhassett -Hcover
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NEW Irish Born By Nora Roberts Paperback Free Shipping
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Reading in the Dark by Keough Professor of Irish Studies Seamus Deane.
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Irish Chain by Fowler, Earlene.
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Croppies, Celts & Catholics - The Irish in Australia ; by Chris McConville
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The Murk Beneath: A Gripping Irish Crime Novel with Surprising Twists by Larkin
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NEW Bad Debts: Jack Irish, Book One By Peter Temple Paperback Free Shipping
Buy: $17.95 AUD
A Short View of Both Reports, in Relation to the Irish Forfeitures, in a Familia
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Vanished Kingdoms Irish in Australia & New Zealand  Personal Excursion O'Farrell
$20.95 AUD
Bad Debts (Jack Irish Novels) by Peter Temple.
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The Secrets of Successful Irish Crochet Lace by Tessa Lorant.
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NEW A Pocket Guide to Irish Castles By Gill Books Hardcover Free Shipping
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An Irish Farmhouse Cookbook by Mary Kinsella (Paperback, 1982)
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The Emerald Lie: A Jack Taylor Novel by Ken Bruen.
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NEW Protestant and Irish By Ida Milne Hardcover Free Shipping
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Irish Archaeology Illustrated ; by Michael Ryan (Large Softcover, 2001)
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Celtic Indian Boy Appalachia Scots Irish Cherokee Childhood by Walker Rickey But
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NEW Boy Wonder By Dave Hannigan Hardcover Free Shipping
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Scealta: Short Stories by Irish Women (Short Stories by Women from Around the
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NEW Dead Point : A Jack Irish novel By Peter Temple Paperback Free Shipping
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History of the Royal Irish Regiment of Artillery by J.J. Crooks (English) Paperb
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Letter to a Member of the Irish Parliament Relative to the P by Ierne Philo (Eng
Buy: $24.42 AUD
Wild Irish Witch: The Mystic Cove Series Book 6 by Tricia O'Malley.
Buy: $25.99 AUD
True Irish Ghost Stories by St. John, D. Seymour.
Buy: $19.49 AUD
An Irish Country Courtship (Irish Country Books) by Patrick Taylor.
Buy: $18.8 AUD
Dead Point (A Jack Irish Thriller) by Peter Temple.
Buy: $18.3 AUD
First Annual Report of the Irish Catholic Schools. Second Edition. by Anonymous
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Irish Debates: Fifth Parliament in the Reign of His Present Majesty. John Fane,
Buy: $26.74 AUD
Irish on the Somme (wwi Centenary Series) by Michael Macdonagh (English) Paperba
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An Inquiry Into the Legality of Pensions on the Irish Establishment. by Alexande
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When Tomorrow Speaks to ME Memoirs of an Irish Medium 9780738721064 | Brand New
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My First Feis by Irish Dance Girl.
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Great Irish Short Stories by Evan Bates
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NEW Very First Words in Irish By Felicity Brooks Board Book Free Shipping
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A Letter to a Member of Parliament Relating to the Irish Forfeitures. by Multipl
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Irish Terrier by Lucy Jackson (Hardback, 2000) (New)
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The Wily O'Reilly: Irish Country Stories (Irish Country Books) by Patrick Taylor
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NEW My First Word Book in Irish By Felicity Brooks Board Book Free Shipping
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NEW Irish Poems By Matthew Mcguire Hardcover Free Shipping
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The Irish Roll Call: A Record of the Government of Ireland, from 1685 to 1885. b
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The Irish Princess by Ms Karen Harper.
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The Humours of an Irish Court of Justice a Dramatic Satyr. Written by an Exil'd
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NEW 100 Greatest Moments in Irish History By Tara Gallagher Hardcover
Buy: $31.25 AUD
Irish-American Units in the Civil War (Men-at-arms) by Thomas G. Rodgers.
Buy: $13.95 AUD
The Irish Inheritance: A Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mystery by M. J. Lee.
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Black Tide: A Jack Irish Thriller (Jack Irish) [Audio] by Peter Temple.
Buy: $20.15 AUD
NEW My First 100 Words in Irish By Felicity Brooks Hardcover Free Shipping
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NEW Irish Legends By Eithne Massey Hardcover Free Shipping
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Policing Hong Kong  An Irish History: Irishmen in the Hong Kong Police Force,
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NEW Poems of the Irish People (Barnes & Noble Collectible Classics By Various
Buy: $24.95 AUD