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Folio Society Herodotus Histories
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The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien Folio Society 1979 Hardcover SLIPCASE Included
$64.99 AUD
Folio Society War And Peace Set 1 & 2
Buy: $120.0 AUD
Folio Society Boris Pasternak Doctor Zhivago
Buy: $50.0 AUD
$75.0 AUD
Folio Society Don Quixote
Buy: $95.0 AUD
Folio Society The Vikings Gwyn Jones
Buy: $65.0 AUD
Folio Society Homer . Iliad 1996
Buy: $95.0 AUD
Folio Society Graham Greene The Complete Entertainments
Buy: $135.0 AUD
Salman Rushdie. Midnight’s Children. Folio Society 2009
Buy: $45.0 AUD
Folio Society Dante’s Inferno
Buy: $155.0 AUD
The Greek Myths By Robert Graves (Folio Society Boxed Set - Volumes 1 & 2)
$32.95 AUD
Folio Society Grimm’s Fairy Tales 1996
Buy: $55.0 AUD
Ivan Turgenev. On the Eve. Folio Society 2011
Buy: $20.0 AUD
The Twelve Caesars. Translated by Robert Graves. Folio Society 1964
Buy: $25.0 AUD
Folio Society Rudyard Kipling 10 Books
Buy: $230.0 AUD
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Folio Society 1992
Buy: $20.0 AUD
Folio Society Legends Of King Arthur 3 Book Box Set In Slipcase
Buy: $54.0 AUD
Folio Society - bulk lot
Buy: $130.0 AUD
Tales from Shakespear, Folio Society <Hardcover, 2003>
$55.0 AUD
$79.95 AUD
Folio Society - bulk lot
Buy: $100.0 AUD
$125.0 AUD
Folio Society - bulk lot
Buy: $100.0 AUD
Folio Society G. K. Chesterton: The Father Brown Stories - 2 volume set
$45.95 AUD
Folio Society Somerset Maugham: Collected Short Stories  4 volume set
$89.95 AUD
Folio Society - bulk lot
Buy: $100.0 AUD
Folio Society  E. F. Benson 6 vol set The Mapp and Lucia Trouble London Progress
$79.95 AUD
The Secret Garden Folio Society, New Sealed, Slipcase, Cloth Bound
Buy: $49.0 AUD
 Folio Society  KING ARTHUR ~ History & Legend ~ by  John and Caitlin Matthews
$39.9 AUD
Tales from Shakespeare. Folio Society Slipcase Charles & Mary Lamb Illustrations
$52.95 AUD
The Dead Scrolls - Folio Society
$49.95 AUD
Folio Society Nag Hammadi: The Gnostic Gospels - alternative Christian texts
$39.95 AUD
Edward Lear's Complete Nonsense - Folio Society 2012 -Hardcover with Slipcase
$39.95 AUD
Folio Society Travels With A Donkey
$30.0 AUD
 Folio Society Montague Rhodes James:  Collected Ghost Stories
$32.9 AUD
Grimm’s Fairty Tales Illustrated By Arthur Rackham Folio Society 2001
Buy: $100.0 AUD
Folio Society Raymond Chandler: THE COMPLETE (Philip Marlowe) NOVELS 7 vol set
$149.95 AUD
Folio Society    George Orwell:  Nineteen Eighty-Four   1984
$59.95 AUD
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Folio Society Hardcover/ slipcase
$29.95 AUD
Perrault’s Fairy Tales Folio Society, Illustratated, Slipcase
Buy: $59.0 AUD
Folio Society Bronte The Complete Novels Charlotte Anne
Buy: $125.0 AUD
Folio Society Impossible Journeys 2012
$25.0 AUD
Perraults Fairy Tales Illustrated by Edmund Dulac
$71.25 AUD
Folio Society John Le Carre: The Honourable Schoolboy, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
$89.0 AUD
Folio Society Tom Jones By Henry Fielding 1973 Edition With Slipcase
Buy: $39.0 AUD
Folio Society Salman Rushdie: Midnight’s Children
$45.95 AUD
Folio Society Rider Haggard African Adventures: She, King Solomon's Mines, Allan
$84.95 AUD
Folio Society Edition, Robin Lane Fox, “Alexander The Great", 1997. Never Read.
$99.5 AUD
Perrault's Fairy Tales. Edmund Dulac. Folio Society. Hardcover in slipcase.
$39.95 AUD
Tales From Shakespeare - Charles and Mary Lamb Hardcover Green Board Classic
Buy: $55.0 AUD
The Jubilee Years 1887-97 Queen Victoria Folio Society 1996
Buy: $38.0 AUD
Folio Society William Makepeace Thackeray: Vanity Fair (more Folio books listed)
$38.9 AUD
Folio Society Geoffrey Willans & Ronald Searle (illust): The Compleet Molesworth
$55.95 AUD
Folio Society Rudyard Kipling: Collected Short Stories - 5 volume set
$99.0 AUD
Folio Society Rudyard Kipling 5 Book Box Set Short Stories
Buy: $69.0 AUD
Folio Society LIFE by Richard Fortey   Natural History  (see more Folios listed
$29.95 AUD
"The Story of the Renaissance" The Folio Society, 5 vol. in slipcase  VGC
$129.9 AUD
Folio Society Herman Melville:  The Complete Shorter Fiction - 22 Stories
$59.95 AUD
Folio Society Daniell An Illustrated Journey Around the World VGC Free Postage
Buy: $89.99 AUD
 Folio Society  Chaucer:  The Canterbury Tales  (see more Folio books listed)
$32.9 AUD
Folio Society History of England 4 Volumes
Buy: $130.0 AUD
Folio Society    George Orwell  Animal Farm   Illustrated by Quentin Blake
$39.95 AUD
Inferno by Dante Illustrated by William Blake Folio Society As New Aussie Stock
Buy: $350.0 AUD
Folio Society Morris: The Pax Britannica Heaven's Command, Farewell the Trumpets
$77.95 AUD
Michelangelo Howard Hibbert 2007 Folio Society Hardcover
Buy: $17.99 AUD
Folio Society Dante's Inferno Illustrated W. Blake Ist Ed 1998 VGC+  Free P&P
Buy: $239.0 AUD
John Ruskin. The Stones of Venice. Folio Society 2001.
Buy: $30.0 AUD
Folio Society  BESTIARY  (see more Folio Society books listed in my eBay store)
$34.95 AUD
Folio Society: Dorothy Sayers Mysteries Collection UNNATURAL DEATH, WHOSE BODY?
$149.0 AUD
folio society books The Maltese Falcon
Buy: $45.0 AUD
Folio Society VIRGIL The Eclogues (The Bucolics) Life & changes at Ancient Rome
$28.95 AUD
folio society books An Inkeeper's Diary
Buy: $40.0 AUD
Anthony Trollope. The Warden & Barchester Towers. Folio Society 2014.
Buy: $77.0 AUD
The Novels of Henry Fielding Folio Society 1995
Buy: $135.0 AUD
Folio Society The Moon's A Balloon David Niven
$34.95 AUD
CLEOPATRA ~ Jack Lindsay ~ Folio Society with Slipcase
$34.95 AUD
Folio Society Henry Kamen: The Spanish Inquisition (see more Folios listed)
$29.95 AUD
$28.95 AUD
Frenchman's Creek. Daphne du Maurier. Folio Society. Hardcover in slipcase.
$39.95 AUD
Folio Society  Shakespeare's Sonnets  (See more Folio poets listed in eBay store
$29.95 AUD
Folio Society Ian Fleming Live and Let Die     James Bond 007
$45.95 AUD
Folio Society Marcel Proust  6 volume set of  In Search of Lost Time
$199.95 AUD
Folio Society  Patricia Highsmith The Ripley trilogy:  Talented Mr Ripley, Game
$99.9 AUD
The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. Folio Society HC slipcase SEALED
$72.95 AUD
Folio Society I’ll Met By Moonlight The Greengage Summer The Riddle Of The Sands
$60.0 AUD
Folio Society  The Folio Poets series: Coleridge (See more Folio poets listed
$89.95 AUD
Folio Society Book The Stones of Venice by John Ruskin 2001 Ex Cond in Slipcase
Buy: $30.0 AUD
7 Vol SET A History of England Anglo Saxon Folio Society Hardcover Slipcase
$239.99 AUD
Folio Society 8 Vol Set Edward Gibbon: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
$88.88 AUD
FOLIO SOCIETY, Goodbye To All That, Robert Graves  VGC
$32.9 AUD
Folio Society Evelyn Waugh The Comedies Scoop Decline Fall Dust Mischief Flags
$175.95 AUD
Folio Society Bertrand Russell:  History of Western Philosophy
$79.0 AUD
Purgatorio by Dante Illustrated by Dali Folio Society As New
Buy: $400.0 AUD
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Folio Society Quarter Bound in Leather
$99.95 AUD
Folio Society P.G. Wodehouse: 9 volumes of Jeeves & Wooster (also see Blandings
$144.95 AUD
The Folio Society: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte hc in slip case 2006
$49.95 AUD
Folio Society Paul Brickhill: The Dam Busters -account of legendary 617 Squadron
$43.95 AUD
Anthone Trollope The Duke's Children. Folio Society 2015. Numbered edition.
Buy: $180.0 AUD
Graham Greene. The Complete Entertainments & The Great Novels. Folio Society
Buy: $200.0 AUD