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Antique WMF Silverplate Teapot, Coffee Pot & Sugar Bowl Tea Set, Floral, Germany
$149.95 AUD
Antique Karl Schatz 800 Sterling German Silver Bon Bon Dish, Floral Filigree
$129.95 AUD
Vintage Strachan Silverplate Set of 6 Placemats Coasters Floral Design Australia
$149.95 AUD
Antique John Sherwood & Sons Silverplate Sugar Icing Sifter Spoon Floral England
$39.95 AUD
6 Cased Vintage 1920s Sterling Silver Coffee Spoons Rat Tail Hallmarked
$99.9 AUD
Art Nouveau 1907 Solid Hallmarked Silver Hand Mirror Excellent Condition
$409.33 AUD
Vintage Silverplate 3 Stick Candelabra Convertible Candlestick Candle Holder
$149.95 AUD
Vintage 800 Sterling Silver Lipstick Holder Compact, Etched Floral, Red Stone
$174.95 AUD
Vintage Silverplate Cake/Sweet Fruit Dish Pedestal Stand, Floral Design
$39.95 AUD
Flora Master Butter Knife Sterling Silver Reed and Barton 1890
$148.95 AUD
Vintage Strachen Silverplate Dinner Place Mats X 6 ~ Silver Plate Coaster Set
$48.0 AUD
Vintage Paramount Atlanta Silverplate Serving Food Server Tray, Floral Scrolls
$34.95 AUD
Vintage Rodd Jasmine Silverplate Dessert/Sweet Forks Cutlery 6 pc Set, Floral
$64.95 AUD
Vintage Silverplate Cake/Sweet Nut Dish Pedestal Stand, Floral Grape Design
$39.95 AUD
Vintage Princeton Silverplate Jam/Sugar Spoon & Butter Knife Set, Floral England
$19.95 AUD
Vintage Silverplate Milk/Creamer Cream Jug & Sugar Bowl Tea Set, Etched Floral
$74.95 AUD
$150.0 AUD
Vintage Stokes Silverplate Food Serving Tray Dish, Ornate Floral Design
$119.95 AUD
Flora Sugar Shell Spoon Sterling Silver Reed and Barton 1890
$113.2 AUD
Vintage Wiltshire Floral Silverplate Cake/Entree Sweet Dessert Forks 6 pc Set
$29.95 AUD
Vintage Mayell Silverplate Red Glass Sugar Bowl/Dish & Spoon England
$29.95 AUD
Barbour Silver Co. Quadruple 2317 - Lady's Shaving Mug - Floral Design
$19.0 AUD
Antique James Dixon & Sons Silverplate Ornate Etched Fern 8 Cup Teapot England
$374.95 AUD
Vintage Grosvenor Laureate Large Silverplate Salad Serving Food Fork, Floral
$19.95 AUD
Vintage Hecworth Silverplate Food Serving Bowl Dish, Ornate Floral, Sheffield
$119.95 AUD
Vintage Ianthe Silverplate Flute Flower Vase, Floral Design, England
$14.95 AUD
Vintage Silverplate Sheffield Food Serving Butter Bowl Muffin Warmer Dish Floral
$149.95 AUD
Vintage Wiltshire Floral Silverplate Fruit Sweet Spoons Dessert 6 pc Set
$29.95 AUD
Antique Edwardian Silver Plated Pressed Metal Dish - Plate - WCG - Vintage
$29.95 AUD
Vintage Strachan Silverplate Set of 6 Tumbler Coasters, Floral Design, Australia
$29.95 AUD
Shiebler Flora Sterling Silver Spoon
$63.08 AUD
Antique English Sterling Silver Hooded Server Spoon. Floral Asparagus RARE
$385.51 AUD
$210.28 AUD
Vintage Silverplate Dutch Souvenir Spoon, Delft Windmill, Floral, Holland
$14.95 AUD
Shiebler Flora Carnation Sterling Silver Oval Soup Spoon
$208.87 AUD
Vintage Rodd Silverplate Butter Spreading Knife, Floral Flower Design
$16.95 AUD
Vintage Silverplate Cake/Sweet  Pedestal Stand, With Lace Pattern & Footed Dish
Buy: $45.0 AUD
Vintage Ianthe Silverplate Mustard Pot Blue Insert, Floral Design, England
$24.95 AUD
Vintage Queen Victoria Silverplate Glass Sugar Bowl, Tray & Spoon Boxed, England
$34.95 AUD
Vintage Angora Silverplate Teaspoons Demitasse 6 pc Set, Floral, Boxed, England
$34.95 AUD
Vintage Silverplate Pastry/Cake Food Tongs/Servers, Ornate Scroll Floral Pattern
Buy: $8.0 AUD
Shiebler Flora Sterling Silver Spoon
$63.08 AUD
Shiebler Flora Passion Flower Sterling Silver Teaspoon 5 5/8" Mono
$56.06 AUD
Vintage Grenadier Silverplate Candelabra Flower Vase Candlestick Centrepiece
$49.95 AUD
Shiebler Flora Wild Rose Sterling Silver Teaspoon 5 1/2" Mono
$56.06 AUD
Shiebler sterling FLORA #4 Narcissus pattern teaspoon with monogram 5 1/2"
$64.72 AUD
Vintage Ianthe Silverplate Flower Flute Vase, Floral Design, England
$22.5 AUD
Shiebler Flora Pansy Sterling Silver Teaspoon 5 5/8" Mono
$56.06 AUD
Shiebler Flora Carnation Sterling Silver Teaspoon 5 5/8" Mono
$56.06 AUD
Shiebler Flora Buttercup Sterling Silver Teaspoon 5 5/8" Mono
$56.06 AUD
Shiebler Flora Violet Sterling Silver Teaspoon 5 5/8" Mono
$56.06 AUD
Shiebler Flora Forget Me Not Sterling Silver Teaspoon 5 5/8" Mono
$56.06 AUD
Shiebler Flora Geranium Sterling Silver Teaspoon 5 5/8" Mono
$56.06 AUD
Shiebler Flora Primrose Sterling Silver Teaspoon 5 5/8" Mono
$56.06 AUD
Flora by Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Tea Set 4pc #575A (#2851) Antique
Buy: $6322.02 AUD
Reed & Barton FLORA Sterling Silver Grapefruit Spoon;G573
$55.37 AUD
Manchester Floral Sterling Silver Sugar Serving Shell Spoon E. Gerson 925
$37.84 AUD
Antique Sterling Teaspooons Engraved Floral A. F. Towle & Sons
Buy: $210.26 AUD
$48.99 AUD
RARE Sterling SHIEBLER 10 1/4" Server FLORA w/ Bellflower Motif
Buy: $629.42 AUD
Silver Plated Fish Servers with Sterling Silver Ferrules Sheffield 1951
$32.73 AUD
1880 Pairpoint Mfg Co 3 Silverplate Master Butter Spredder w/"D" Monogram
$21.03 AUD
6 Vintage 1890 Jennings Bros.-12 Silverplate Floral Tea spoon
$21.03 AUD
Shiebler Sterling Silver Flora? Forget Me Not Lily Sardine Serving Fork 1800s
$250.93 AUD
Flora Easter Lily Pudding Berry Spoon Shiebler Sterling Silver Pat 1889
$557.65 AUD
Wm Rogers IS Lot Of 4 Silver Plated Pickle Forks 5.5”
$31.53 AUD
1896 Frank M. Whiting Sterling Silver Fish Serving Fork Floral Pattern
$75.69 AUD
Shiebler Flora Teaspoon Sterling Silver 1890
$115.58 AUD
Womens Flora/Silver Calling Card Holder
Buy: $21.01 AUD
Antique 1880's Fish Serving Fork & Knife w/Flora Etchings
$42.04 AUD
WEB Sterling Silver Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Made in Italy 014B
$77.1 AUD
David Anderson 925 Sterling Silver Salad Set Birds & Flora Tile
$454.19 AUD
Sterling Silver Floral Handle Stainless Steel Vintage Cake Pie Server 009B
$140.18 AUD
FLORA by Shiebler Sterling SilverTOAST/BREAD FORK - LILY Pattern -Very Rare
$1577.07 AUD
Shiebler Flora Geranium Sterling Silver Teaspoon 1890
$89.37 AUD
Schneider Toledo Sterling Silver Handle Vintage Cake Cutter Breaker Comb 025B
$140.18 AUD
Fine Champagne Glass Silver Overlaid Designer Cristal Robert Line Italian
$107.33 AUD
Vintage R. Silver Hand Vanity Mirror Flower Design 9.5"x5"
$280.35 AUD
Antique estate Silver detailed Filigree Necklace Bracelet Earrings original CASE
$210.28 AUD
Beautiful Rare Antique German Floral Filigree Pin Brooch 3 1/2" 800 Silver
$30.83 AUD
Beautiful Rare Antique 800 Silver German Floral Filigree Pin Brooch 3 1/2"
$30.83 AUD