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SJAELENS Laegebog, in Danish, 1946 HB text on mental health/psychiatry
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Saxo Grammaticus Danish History; Antique; Book; History; First Ed; 
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Bibelen eller den hellige Skrift, indeholdende det Gamle og Nye Testamentes
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1903 The Five Nations First Edition Rudyard Kipling Poetry Anthology Collection
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MARY – PRINSESS MED STIL (1st World-wide Edition) 2006 Princess Mary of Denmark
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1919 2 Vol in 1 Vilhelm Bergsoe Fra Piazza Del Popolo Novel Danish
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1987 English Pressed Glass 1830-1900 Illustrated First Edition Raymond Slack
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1891 Verses and Fly Leaves Charles Stuart Calverley New Edition Poetry Fiction
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1925 Nonesuch Books Catalogue Publisher's Novels Listings Adverts
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1907 Rural Nooks Round London by Charles G Harper Illustrated from Photographs
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1975-79 3Vol Frank C. Roberts Obituaries from The Times 1951-1975
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2006 First Edition The Moderns Revisited Indian Art Colour Illustrated M Hussain
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1890 George Laurence Gomme The Village Community First Edition Social History
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1972 Elegiacs BY John Mander Poetry Signed Presentation Copy Cecil Day-Lewis
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c1950 ABC And All That Gladys Rees Nursery Rhymes Children's Lessons Dustwrapper
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1775 2vol Dictionnaire Royal Hans von Aphelen in Danish SCARCE
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1770 Anonymous Complete Collection Junius Letters Sir William Draper Very Scarce
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1694 Le Caractere de la Reine Elizabet Bohun Very Scarce French
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1974 McAuslan in the Rough George Macdonald Fraser Advanced Proof Copy
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1907 Norske Vinterbilleder Efter Fotografier Af A. B. Wilse Illustrated Scarce
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c1890 4vol Oeuvres de Sully Prudhomme Poesies 1865-1879 Morocco Binding Poetry
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1876 - Kjernen : en salmebog til Guds ære. First edition
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2006 The Moderns Revisited Indian Art First Edition Colour Illustrated M Hussain
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1867 The Huguenots Samuel Smiles First Edition Settlement England Ireland
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1912 Royal Gardens Illustrated Colour Plates Cyril Ward Sandringham Hampton
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1884 Holger Drachmann Dybe Strenge Digte og Sange Poetry Danish Original Wraps
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1893 2 Vol W G Collingwood The Life and Work of John Ruskin Illustrated First
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c1880 The Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan Coloured Plates Cooper
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1958 Folk Costumes Woven Textiles and Embroideries of Rumania Tancred Banateanu
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c1909 A Complete Guide to Heraldry A C Fox-Davies Illustrated First Ed Bickers
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1907 Milly & Olly Holiday Among Mountains Early Willy Pogan Illustrations Ward
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1932 Lovely Daughter Love Poems E Fish Colour Plates Scarce Limited Edition
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c1947 Andre Lejard The Art Of The French Book With Colour Plates First Edition
Buy: $189.93 AUD
1911 10vol The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray Harry Furniss Edition
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1940 British Consular Reports on Trade and Politics of Latin America Humphreys
Buy: $125.21 AUD
c1930 Drives of Special Interest Issued by the Automobile Association
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1889 Suppuration and Septic Diseases Lectures W.W.Cheyne Signed Gilbert Barling
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1885 The Journals of Major-Gen C G Gordon Kartoum A Egmont Hake
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1799 The Royal Tribes of Wales by Philip Yorke First Edition Plates History
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1862 Reminiscences of the Late Thomas Assheton Smith John E Eardley Wilmot
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1842-49 19vol Percy Society Early English Poetry Ballads Middle Ages
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1833 2vol History of Moral Science Robert Blakey
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1910 The PATHOLOGIST of the twenty-Fifth Century Geaorge Timbrell Fisher Scarce
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1920 8vol Works of Gustav Wied Commemorative Edition Calf Binding Danish Mindeud
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1935 6Vol Danmark I Fest og Glaede Julius Clausen Party Festival History Denmark
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1996 Souterrains Atlantic Provinces and North East Scotland Ann Martin
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1929 Peter Freuchen Nordkaper Novel Original Wraps Danish Attractive Binding
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1944 DANISH Musikkens Mestre MUSIC Composers Brahms
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1862-74 16vols The Works of Thomas De Quincey Illustrated Essays Opium Eater
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1925 Danmarks Digtere Hans Brix History of Danish Poetry Marbled Boards
Buy: $137.47 AUD
1836 A Natural System of Botany or A Systematic View of The.. Vegetable Lindley
Buy: $133.97 AUD
1892 Skriv og Keile Kalender Astrological Calendar Alexandra of Denmark Royal Bo
Buy: $1125.58 AUD
1731 Basia Joannis Secundi Nicolai Hagensis or the Kisses of Joannes Secundus
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1899 Historisch-kritische Bedenken gegen die Graf-Wellhausensche, Wilhelm Möller
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The Dollhouse ~ First Edition ~ Henrik Ibsen Swedish Language 1879 Et Dukkehjem
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