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Sterling TASTEVIN Wine Tasting Cup REPOUSSE Grape & Roses 42 Grams EXQUISITE!
$515.58 AUD
Antique Box - Dog Sugar Etrog Judaica Jewish - Austrian 800 Silver - C 1875
Buy: $4050.97 AUD
STERLING SILVER Tuttle ONSLOW 8 7/8" Dinner Knives - Set of 8 - Near Mint  RARE!
$847.02 AUD
Biedermeier Urn - Antique Classical Hot Water Tea - Austrian Silver - 1832
Buy: $3682.7 AUD
Antique Salieren France Biedermeier 1850 Silver Crystal Glass Annodazumal Cell
Buy: $329.04 AUD
Antiketeekanne in Silver and Ebenholzgriff Early Biedermeier Bayreuth
Buy: $2937.6 AUD
Antique Silver Tea Pot 12 Loth Coffee Pot Jug 750 Silver Biedermeier
Buy: $984.48 AUD
Biedermeier Sieve Trowel in Silver Hanau
Buy: $641.63 AUD
Biedermeier Ladle 12 Lot Silver/Partially Gold Plated Ca.1830
Buy: $285.6 AUD
Antique Salt Spice Silver Bowl Johann George Hossauer Berlin Biedermeier 1860
Buy: $592.27 AUD
Antique Cake Server Lifter Biedermeier Silver Mother of Pearl Decorated Datie
Buy: $592.27 AUD
Serving Spoon Suppen Spoon 12 Lot Silver Punze WF Richter Biedermeier
Buy: $153.97 AUD
Biedermeier Cake Lifter Silver um 1850
Buy: $547.52 AUD
Biedermeier Bowl Silver
Buy: $958.16 AUD
Biedermeier Mocha Pot Bückmann Hanover
Buy: $1233.9 AUD
Silver 13 Lot Walch Spoon Tauflöffel Biedermeier Dat. 1854 Jos. Mathilde Vogt
Buy: $171.24 AUD